Monday, October 12, 2009

Decision: Down Time from Running

It's been two weeks since the 100-miler and my body has recovered for the most part, although a glance at my feet might imply otherwise. I have run very easily a few times and can still subtly feel some of the damage I caused by running on an injured leg for 50 miles, so I made a decision yesterday. Instead of stringing this injury along with me for god knows how long I've decided to enjoy some down time from running (as hard as it is!), do some yoga and swimming, and really, thoroughly rehab my leg for 2010. I only had one more race on the calendar anyway...The Lithia Loop Trail Marathon...which is serving as the U.S.A. Trail Marathon Championships down in Ashland, Oregon on November 7th. It is going to have some stiff competition and I was really looking forward to heading down there, but I just don't think it's in the cards this year. I have to keep reminding myself that despite the issues I've had this season I still performed relatively well. Today I am meeting with some experienced doctors who specialize in working with marathoners and I'm going to figure this thing out.

It's actually kind of exciting because out here in Oregon the race season starts so much earlier than central New York. This means that if I completely heal up over the next couple of months that I can start off the 2010 year with some solid running and racing. I have already been eyeing up some races here in Oregon, up in Washington, and down in California. Now I just need to discipline myself and work hard to get back out on the trails.

Another exciting thing that happened to me this past weekend came from a Montrail sponsored ultra-runner friend named Jill Perry. Jill lives just outside of Syracuse, NY and has exploded onto the ultra scene in the last year...(and I predicted it too ;0) Jill called me on the phone and told me that she is planning on competing in Badwater Ultramarathon in July of 2010 and that she needs some help with pacing/crewing. I was honored that she thought of me and I gladly accepted. Looks like I'm heading to Death Valley in the heat of the summer for an intense experience! I couldn't pass this one up! :0)

Enjoy the beautiful autumn season!