Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hayward Field Hoe-Down

Craig Thornley and Andy Jones-Wilkins are two runners better known for running trail races...specifically 100-milers like Western States 100 and the like.  Racing ultras involves going way outside your comfort zone.  So does racing an all out mile!  These two longtime runners and colorful personalities of the sport would be going head to head for one mile on the famous Hayward Field Track in Eugene, Oregon the day before Thanksgiving 2010.  I went down to capture the fun-loving competitive event on video and visit the hallowed ground in "Track Town U.S.A".  Boy...running around that track had me thinking of all the legends who poured it out there over the years....and now I'm really itching to get back to running!

Enjoy the video :-)

(Check out AJW's shoe of choice for the race!  Yeah Inov-8!)

I had a really fun time down there today and the weather turned out to be just right.  It was so great seeing everyone and meeting some new folks as well.  There were a couple guys doing a video documentary project for a class on "older" elite endurance athletes (Meghan Arboghast and John Ticer) and they even mentioned to me how refreshing it is to have this type of camaraderie amongst each other.  Good clean fun! You often hear that in ultra running.  One of the coolest things I noticed was seeing AJW's passion for running trickle down to inspiring his sons to lace up the running shoes and hit the track running....good stuff guys!

Have a grateful Thanksgiving everyone!


rustyboy said...

Okay, so: Logan ran a mile AT MY TEMPO PACE?????

Holy. Cr*p.

Yassine said...

The boy is good! I guess he's got it in his genes ;-)

Aliza Lapierre said...

So fun to watch and it is amazing that I would rather race 50 miles than one mile!

olga said...

Craig's form is so good, it was a lesson to watch! But boy, Any's got what it takes to battle!!! And Logan would beat 90% of ultrarunners if they ever lined up:)