Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back In The Groove

It's nice to be back in the routine of being home and catching up with running buddies and friends and family. I almost forgot what frozen eyelashes feel like;0)

Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday from Tampa, Fl. Who do you like in The Super Bowl? Go ahead and vote on the right... I am going with Pittsburgh! My sister is a Pitt graduate (and still lives there...although I haven't heard from her in ages...Nadia!...are you out there!???), my mom lives in a Steeler home in Steeler country and I spent a good deal of time down in PA growing up.

What a great week I just had. I am in some great classes this semester...tough but very interesting! Solid week running as well. I was able to get some good hill running in and some speed workouts too despite the frigid conditions. All runs done outside. We'll see how long that lasts!

Miles for the week: 79

Monday: Rest/hot tub/steam room
Tuesday: 7 miles total---> four mile repeats at an average of 5:52/mi. with 2 minutes of rest in between---*roads clear but snowy and windy behind airport
Wednesday: 12 miles total---->easy 6 miles in morning on Warren Rd. to Asbury and back; easy 6 miles in evening through Sapsucker Woods and back
Thursday: 12 mile run from apt. to Etna and back
Friday: easy 6 mile run on Tri for Y run course w/ add-on in morning; easy 6 miles in evening in Cass Park w/ add-on
Saturday: 15 miles total---> 5 miles in morning w/ Michael W. doing three Gun Hill repeats but had to bail due to gastro intestinal problems; Went back to Gun Hill in evening for unfinished business and did 4 repeats w/ add-on for 10 miles
Sunday: 21 miles with Michael W., Jeff D., Karen G., Brian T., and Alex W. doing the infamous Triple Hump route w/ add-on...Thanks for a great run today guys!

I wanted to get 80 miles this week but somehow lost a mile in there somewhere...oh well...still quite solid in my book. I am going to drop back next week and give the body a break...relatively speaking. Keep the spirits high all you runners living in harsh climates...the birds will be chirping, flowers growing, and snow will be melting soon enough!

Signing off...after...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Friendships are born on the field of athletic strife and are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust." ~Jesse Owens

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Most ultra runners are extremists. I know that I have been accused of being extreme in a few different areas of my life past and present.

Traveling from 80 degree Fahrenheit weather to, no joke, sub-zero temperatures and running straight through it all (outside) would raise a few eyebrows from "normal" people. As another runner put it so nicely..."These type of workouts are character building".

It's been a little challenging making the transition back to reality but after toughing it out this weekend and battling with the voices in my head that said, "It's really cold...It's probably not wise to be out here for that long, you probably want to ease back into it and acclimatize your body, you have enough miles for the week, etc. etc., it feels nice to have persevered. I have learned that these are just rationalizations and excuses to quit that will often come in long races as well so it is beneficial to work through them. If you can it usually reaps performance benefits and feelings of personal satisfaction. I am proud that I did not submit this weekend even though I really wanted to at times!

Miles for the week: 70

Monday= Easy 5 mile run around the town of La Fortuna, CR
Tuesday= 2 x (4x800) at a 5:30/mi. pace; 80 second recovery in between intervals and 3-minute rest between sets. Performed at the base of Arenal Volcano. Very hot and humid!
Wednesday= Rest/Travel back to Newark,NJ and freezing cold Ithaca!
Thursday=Easy 6 miles down Warren Rd. and back
Friday= Easy 6 miles in morning running to Varna Auto Service to get my car; Up tempo 8 miles (about 6:30/mi. pace) at night behind airport (because I was freezing!)
Saturday= Gun Hill Repeats w/ Michael W. (450 steep feet in .85 of a mile)-- We did 6 repeats then added on some mileage on rec-way trail for a total of 17.5 miles
Sunday= 19.5 miles from Finger Lakes Running Company around Stewart Park, Fall Creek, downtown, out towards Buttermilk- 13A to Cass Park (double loop) w/ downtown/Fall Creek add-on! whew!= Toast! Ready for a rest!

A very tough weekend indeed! Not to mention catering a wedding for 11 hours on Saturday after that hard workout. Time to get back to business and ready for another semester of school starting in a couple days. Happy Running!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Top results are reached only through pain. But eventually you like this pain. You'll find the more difficulties you have on the way, the more you will enjoy your success."---Juha "The Cruel" Vaatainen

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Runners High In The Cloud Forest

I just finished an arduous 17-mile run around and through the Monteverde region of Costa Rica and wish I would have brought a camera with me. I ran about 7 miles on a rocky ridge that could easily have been in a magazine shoot. Definitely getting my legs back into ultra shape as I climbed and descended some pretty serious elevation changes this weekend. I was able to get a solid 14-miler in yesterday morning finishing the week with 60 miles. It has been nice up here because it is much cooler. I don't even want to think about what we will face on Wednesday as we make our journey back to Central New York!

Much talk of the earthquake that hit here the other day although we felt nothing as we gobbled down lunch. That's all for now...keep on keeping on!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I feel so grateful to be out of the cold Northeast and exploring this absolute beautiful country and culture. Erica and I are having such a fun time and miss everyone...Happy New Year to all!

My body feels so good to be back at running too. I was able to get in 50 miles this week including a solid 15-miler this morning from 5:30am to 7:30am as the sun rose...Pura vida! Running the roads and trails here are exquisite! Nothing like having monkeys jumping overhead, toucans and macaws sweeping through the jungle and me splashing through cold creeks in a sometimes unbearable hot climate. I definitely have had to use up my Endurolytes and Camelback and have to keep reminding myself that we are so close to the equator. Plenty of healthy food and fresh fruits...and...oh yeah...good, strong coffee!