Friday, July 22, 2011

Floradix Iron Supplement

As a vegan endurance athlete one of the most important nutrients that I need to keep an eye on is my iron levels.  Iron leaves the body much quicker in athletes because we sweat so much and a deficiency can definitely compromise endurance and overall energy levels. Even though an iron shortage is much more common in female athletes I have been taking this product Floradix for a couple years now.  I take it not only for the iron but for the other vitamins such as B and C. Floradix Iron and Herbs is one of several top notch products that I regularly take made by Flora Health.  This past March I was lucky enough to take a tour of the facility to see the attention to detail put into each and every bottle. They grow the herbs right on their own farm in northern Washington state and methodically extract the nutrients into the iron mixture.  Besides the fact that it is vegan and easy on the digestive tract, one of the best things I like about this product is the absorption.  Flora claims that each dose contains 10 mg of elemental iron from 87 mg of ferrous gluconate. This form of iron, being chelated with an organic acid, has a higher absorption rate than most other forms of iron.

So if you are feeling may have an iron deficiency!  

Check out this number one selling iron supplement made by the same company that brings you Udo's Oil

(Plants and herbs being grown on the farm just minutes from the facility.  Photo: Joe Grant)

(Getting ready for the Udo's Oil factory tour with Shane Hart. Photo: Joe Grant)

(Joe and I obtained so much valuable information straight from owner Thomas Greither)

If you have a few minutes please watch this inspirational and informative video on the history and philosophies of the amazing family/company.  Thank you Flora ! ! ! 


Sara said...

Thanks for the info, Yassine. Iron is a big concern for me as well.

Do you take it once a day, or more? Do you put it in OJ or something? Taste?

Yassine said...

Sara: I usually take it once a day or once every couple days...and yes I mix it w/ some juice or sometimes a Joint Health Emergen-C...the taste is...well...different...not bad...just different! Hope you and D are having a great summer

Sara said...

Just bought some, thanks again for the recommendation.

Congrats on Mt. Hood 50M! Enjoyed your race report.

Lisa said...

I am new to trail running and I'm training for the North Face Endurance 50K in San Fran this year. I just had my iron levels checked- a little low and my doctor told me to take ferrous sulfate pills. Tried them, major constipation as I expected. I am so glad you posted this info! Does this product bother you at all? thanks!

Yassine said...

Lisa: Floradix does not bother me at all thankfully.

I wish you all the best at NF in San Fran. Those trails are fun (and hilly!) Keep me posted

Johan said...

I agree with you. Thank for your great help. Iron is a essential supplement used to treat low level of iron and anemia deficiency. Iron supplement

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Joffery Stark said...

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Anonymous said...

Floradix is suitable for vegetarians.
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