Personal Coaching

I have played sports ever since I can remember.  I recall my mother signing me up for my first T-ball team that led to soccer, ice hockey, tennis, to baseball, football, and lots of basketball.  In fact I played overseas in The Codan Cup (an international youth high school basketball tournament in Copenhagen, Denmark) and even one year at a Division III college in Pennsylvania.  Since then I have transitioned into endurance sports such as triathlons, marathons, and most recently since 2007...trail ultra marathons up to 100-miles and more!

Over the past quarter century I have seen (and can see in hindsight) the benefits of structure and good coaching. I can think of a couple excellent coaches off the top of my head that positively influenced and impacted my athletic career and character. I have had the opportunity to give back to what was so freely given to me...and I truly love it!

If you are interested in having me coach you to meet your goals in running races of any distance please feel free to contact me anytime at:  I will help design a training program for you and email weekly schedules and workouts to systematically work toward your goal race.  Through my own racing and consistent training experience over the years, and learning through my Physical Activity/Exercise degree program at Portland State University I feel confident about aiding in your success.  I am not looking to get rich doing this so we can discuss a price that works for us all.

Here is what a few clients said:

*---"I wasn't sure what to expect from a personal coach, fortunately I chose Yassine. With his guidance and support not only was I able to PR my marathon by 40 minutes and run my first 50 miler, but was also reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to run (in nature)! Yassine is an awesome personal coach who cares about the runner and their running."--James Madsen

*---"With Yassine's help I was able to improve my marathon time by nearly 45 minutes. Having a running coach makes me accountable for my training the way I wouldn't be if I were running on my own. After being overwhelmed by the wide variety of programs online and in books, I made the right decision by finding someone to personally guide me through the process of improving my speed and endurance levels."Thank you! Amy Jackson

*---"Yassine's coaching has been fabulous.  It is personal, concise, and yet exactly what I needed for each and every week.  There were weeks when I would look at what he had lined out for me and think that it was the wrong move, yet almost eerily it seemed like he knew exactly what I could handle for the week.  Very happy with the 7 months I had to work with Yassine and my running has improved dramatically.  Yassine loves running and loves people, a great combination.  Best money I've spent on my running...period."--David Henry