Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thom Bugliosi Trail Run

(Picture of Thom Bugliosi...local trail runner enthusiast that died at age 31 who inspired this trail run to start several years ago)

I was registered for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-miler (Bear Mountain) today May 9, 2009 but due to an iliotibial band injury several weeks ago I was forced to "eat" the registration fee and rehabilitate my leg.  Sometimes we make all these plans but we really never know what's around the corner.  

I have been working really hard to get my body back to running.  Between laying off running (which was probably the most difficult), working with Dr. Gerrit, and stretching/strengthening/cross-training I started seeing some real progress in the last couple of weeks.  

So this past week consisted of:

Monday: very easy 4.5 miles on Cayuga Trail (mostly flat single track)
Tuesday:  5.5 miles in Water Works forest in Cortland with a couple faster miles in the middle- 7:15/mi. pace (flat, slightly rolling)
Wednesday: easy 6 miles in Cass Park (pancake flat bike path)
Thursday:  rest
Friday:  7 miles on Black Diamond Trail at a 7:00/mi. pace (flat grassy, single track) 

I was pretty happy about the way I was feeling after these runs so I made a calculated risk and jumped into the Thom B. 13k trail race Saturday morning repeatedly telling myself that I was not going to go all out.

My brother and his family picked me up and we made our way to the beautiful Hammond Hill State Park which is only a few miles away from us.   I know the trails pretty well not only from training there but from doing this race the last couple of years.  I saw many familiar faces and maybe some perplexed ones too when they saw me registering for the race knowing that I've been on the injured reserve.  I saw the usual suspects that like to hammer this course...Eric S., Garrett W., Earl S., Ian G. and re-emphasized to my brother that we would not be running with these guys today...just let em' go!

Joe R. took over the RD role for Evan K. and gave us a cowbell start.  It was really muggy...probably around 70 and gnats galore!  The race starts with about a 300 foot climb up a rugged dirt road then turns sharply into the woods.  Then it meanders up and down through gorgeous landscape.  I love these trails this time of the year with the flowers blooming and catching some nice views because the trees haven't filled in their leaves yet.

So...I did let the top three guys go and I ended up running with Ian G. for a little bit...good to see you out there Papa's been a while.  Although I must say he hasn't lost much speed because I had to let him go as well.  Then Brian L. passed us but I was totally content just settling into my nice pace and focusing on not overdoing it.  As we got the first couple miles under our belts I could realize that I did lose a significant amount of fitness during my time off but it was so frickin awesome to be running fairly fast through the forest...I love it!!!!

Mile 4.5 or so I was able to catch up to Brian L. and we chatted a little and I picked it up but not before getting passed by a guy from the Syracuse Chargers running club.  I ended up running the rest of the race solo shortening my stride on the downhills and really paying attention to how I was feeling.  Besides some burning in the lungs and lactic acid in the legs I felt goooood!  So comforting to not feel anything... I was in a great mood for the rest of the day!

I ended up coming in fifth place overall in 57:24.  The results will be up HERE soon.

Good to see everyone out there this weekend!  I'm off to finish some school projects, take a final on Monday then Portland, OR early Tuesday morning.  Gotta find some cool running spots out there this week...I mean...a place to live for Aug. 1st!

Quote of the week:  "Do not ask what the world needs. Instead, ask what makes you come
alive. Because what the world needs is more people who have come
alive.” --Thurmond Whitman

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olga said...

Man, you wanna buy my condo? Or rent for starters? I am leaving right before August 1st...