Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Ithaca

This past week has been comforting in that I've been running long and strong pain free but our time here is sadly and quickly coming to an end. The movers took away just about all of our belongings yesterday so now we're just living out of a couple suit cases that we'll travel with on July 31st.

Our big move is a little bitter sweet because we are super excited to embark on our journey to the Pacific Northwest but will also really miss this great community, the area, and family still living here.

In honor of all the extreme athletes that finished Badwater ultramarathon a couple weeks ago I went out for an 18 mile run on Wednesday in the middle of the day that gradually climbed up and out of Ithaca to Perry City. The temperature was only about 86 though (compared to in the 100's in Death Valley) but I could get a little taste of how the heat really slows you down and forces you to hydrate very regularly. I ran with a Camelback and a hand held and filled both with ice cubes (one with HEED) and that turned out to be a nice tactic. When I arrived to Perry City from my place on Warren Rd. I instantly headed down to the creek which was so refreshing! I felt like a new person good that I helped Nick and Rob dig some holes for posts for a about a workout!

The next day I went out again with the same idea in mind minus the post hole digging and picked up Jeff D. on the way. I ended up getting in another 17 miles on the Cayuga and Pink Trails and added on some hill climbs up by my house.

Thursday July 30th I have organized a long training run on the beautiful Finger Lakes Trail for my last day in Ithaca. For those of you in the area that care to join we will be starting at 5am at Lick Brook parking lot and jump on the FLT and head west toward Connecticut Hill. I plan on running out to the 20-mile mark, which is right around Rt. 6, and then heading back for 40 miles total. If people want to cut it much shorter, which is totally understandable, Mark T.'s wife Bethany has offered to shuttle people back down to the start. This is such a scenic part of the main trail which stretches over 500 miles from PA through NY and finishing down by the Catskills. I have a dream to set the speed record on this trail someday...maybe when I'm back for a visit.

The last five years have been good to us here in Ithaca, NY. A lot of major changes took place and now it's time to see what's in store for us as we start a new chapter. The next time I post a blog it will be from the beautiful state of Oregon! I'll always remember this place and the wonderful people I've met. So long for now!


AnthonyP said...

Hope the move goes well !

Gallow said...

You'll be missed. It's been great seeing you at the races, and talking to you about running. The Pacific North West is such a cool place.