Monday, November 9, 2009


After some needed rest time for the body and mind it is safe to say that I am back! The last six weeks or so have been difficult as far as training goes. It wasn't that the training was was the "not training" part that got me! I am so accustomed to being super active on a daily basis, and life just does not seem normal without breaking a good sweat day in and day out.

At the beginning I tried swimming and biking a few times fearing that I would lose major amounts of fitness but, after reading about the benefits of complete rest, I decided to just surrender to all activity. I still walked to and from school everyday, which is a couple miles, but I didn't go out with the intention of getting in a workout. I had to keep reminding myself that even some of the best athletes in the world need to take time off to let the body regenerate. Easier said than done!

The last couple of weeks included about 30 miles/week give or take, and it felt really nice to be back out on the trails. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is definitely changing but, after training through the harsh winters of Central New York the past five years, I think I can handle it ;0)

I've decided that I am not going to ramp my way up in my normal fashion this year. I mean running is still going to be my main thing but, at least for a couple months, I am going to try a consistent Cross-Fit-like program twice a week to supplement the slow build. Erica found a gym close to home and the group training focuses on core strength workouts that are different than your usual weight training. I think this will help me in building a solid base for the 2010 ultra marathon season. I'm really looking forward to a solid year and have been scoping out some epic races.

Not running for that amount of time really helped me to appreciate how much and why I love running! It's good to be back...and...more will be revealed :0)

Quote of the week: "Running turns any open place into my chapel. The hour I spend each day as an ascetic, short of water and feeling the slight discomfort of genuine effort, provides me with the strength to know that I can live with less than the world would have me believe."---Dean Outtati, The Runner and the Path


Derrick said...

Welcome back Yassine. I needed ot read this about not being worried about losing fitness as I'm going through that right now too.

Looking forward to a healthy 2010!

Ryan said...

You deserved and, it sounds like, needed the rest. How much is what you do like Cross Fit? I find Cross Fit interesting but I'm afraid mixing weights and speed will be a recipe for injury.


Yassine Diboun said...

Rest up Derrick...stretch, ice, and strengthen and you'll be ready for 2010. It seems counter intuitive but the time completely off seems to actually help.

Ryan...I am starting it today so stay tuned. I will probably only go twice a week and let the trainer know about my other activities. It's not technically cross fit but it's similar. I'm hoping it will clear up injury and be preventative as well. :0)

nancy from finger lakes said...

how you must have missed the woods -- and running in general these past weeks -- and how wonderful to be back doing what you love. be well and run happy, yassine.

as for me, i've actually made it through four runs with no new injuries, which, unfortunately, constitutes a milestone for me. i still can't get back on the trails yet, but at least i'm getting outside and i'm most grateful for that.

Jill Perry said...

Hi Yassine! Glad to hear that you're back! Awesome! Always good to have some down time to get super strong again...