Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Garlic Oregano Yam Fries

This has been one of my all-time favorite recipes that I thought I would share with you.  I wish I could say it was mine but I can't.  I got this recipe (along with many others) out of Brendan Brazier's book "Thrive".  You can see the full recipe by clicking HERE.  You can also watch me go Martha Stewart-style on the video below!


Scott Keeps Running said...



Yassine said...

Thanks Scott...and I really enjoyed all of your comments in the previous post. Hope to see you soon :-)

Maria said...

Wow, Yassine, I didn't realize you were a budding cooking show star as well as an amazing runner! The recipe looks great - I already make oven-fried yams but this has some different spices and the pumpkin seeds sound like a good addition. What was that gadget you used to chop them?