Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dave Terry Memorial in Forest Park (Portland, OR)

(this symbol of Dave's initials were worn on pins made by Tonya Olson at last year's Chuckanut 50k)

Although I never met Dave Terry personally I know many people who were quite close with him and I have heard stories about his character and accomplishments in the sport of ultra running.  A couple weeks ago when a friend of mine (ultra runner and Chuckanut's race director Krissy Moehl) was in town we went on a run together in Forest Park.  We chatted about many things including the fact that recently a memorial piece was placed in the park for the long time Portland trail runner.  I wasn't able to take her to the site of the memorial at that time but promised I'd get some pictures/video before this year's race.  Today was the perfect day with the sun shining bright and not a cloud in the sky.  I took my camera along with me on my tempo run through the expansive park that I love so much.  

The memorial is nestled just off the intersection of Leif Ericson and Nature Trail right on the bank of a little stream.  The timing was perfect as the sun was shining through the moss covered trees.  Even though I didn't know Dave I thought about him for a few moments before finishing off the rest of my run.  

The writing on the plaque reads:

"May you have an epic run, my friend.---In memory of ultramarathoner, Dave Terry"

I'm planning on heading up to Washington for Chuckanut 50k in a few weeks which is a great race that is dedicated to Dave.  You can read more about both the race and the long time ultra runner by clicking HERE.


amy said...

thanks Yassine for taking the time to remember a man you never met. you really are a great guy!

Yassine said...

Thanks Tonya...sorry for the loss of your friend. Hope you are well and to see you soon

olga said...

What a beautiful place for Dave's memorial. He would have been happy.