Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interesting Article and Concepts

Last week someone from The Finger Lakes Runners Club posted a question and link to an article that caught my eye.  The article talks about the running shoe industry and how injuries may be linked to our expensive tastes.  It even has a picture of Scott Jurek running with one of the Tarahumara, a Mexican tribe that is well known for extremely long running in very minimalistic sandals called Huaraches.  They also mention how the human body is designed to run barefoot and how far we have strayed from that notion.  If you are a regular runner it might help to check out this article...READ IT HERE!

I have really liked the Inov-8's that I have been training and racing in for the last year or so.  They are all pretty minimalist and neutral and the design is meant to emulate the human foot (try looking at the bottom sometime and notice the fascia band from the heel to forefoot).  I think my injuries resulted from a combination of a few different things.

This article really intrigued me though and I may try doing some training runs barefoot (probably sticking to soccer fields at first) or may give those Vibram five fingers a spin...check those out HERE!

As for my running...well...I haven't been doing much :(  Probably about ten miles/week...just enough to keep me from going absolutely crazy.  I must say that it has been pain free though and the A.R.T. specialist and I are getting to the root of the problem.  I have been doing some swimming, calisthenics, stretching, and some light upper-body weight lifting along with some core workouts.  I had all these plans for the spring that quickly changed but I hope to be zeroing in on some races in June and July before I head out to the Pacific Northwest. 

Thanks for all the words of encouragement from really helps me out ;0)

Happy Running!!


Anonymous said...

Yassine, I was wondering if you thought looking back if you think you ran HMRRC Winter Marathon too hard??? I know you probably wore INOV8 shoes that are made more for trail racing with little cushioning. They make for fast times but the price it takes on the joints are high. I once got ITBand syndrome in 2005 from doing my hilly road loops too hard and the down hills just damaged myself that it took me 2 months before I was able to run 5 miles without having to stop because of the pain. I hope that doesn't happen to you and you recover quickly. Best of luck and stay positive. - John Ehntholt

Yassine Diboun said...

Hey John, Looking back I probably did run that marathon too hard although I didn't wear Inov'8's for that road race...I wore a pair of Brooks. Anyway, what I think was an even bigger attribute to my injury was not adequately resting AFTER the marathon. I was also doing a lot of hill training at that time so that added to it as well...very similar to your 2005 injury. I was in such good shape that I guess I just thought I was invincible! Thanks for the shout and hope to see you soon :0) Y

Anonymous said...

Yassine - I almost ran that race in Albany as well, but I had a few "Twinges" of my own so I opted to rest for that race and Caumsett Park as well. Stay positive during this cycle of recovery, people come back quick once the body has the rest it needs. It's that "Bulletproof" feeling that always get us in trouble.....See you out there one of these days. - John