Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tying the Knot!

Above is a picture of our wedding site at Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY.  The next time I blog I will be a married man!  Crazy.  It's really starting to hit home as we are less than a week away from the big day and friends and family are starting to file in to town.  Please...if you are reading this right now pray for some nice weather on Saturday June 20th around noon EST to about 3pm...that's all I ask!

We have a nice little spot in the park and have the large pavilion reserved for food and in case of inclement weather.

If you're in the area and interested in coming...well...come on down!  We've made it a pretty open can learn more about the celebration by clicking HERE

We're really excited for the big day!

As for the running...well...I was able to get in 60 miles (in four runs) this week and it felt comforting to do some solid back to back long runs.

Tuesday I ran 20 miles in The Finger Lakes National Forest running the Finger Lakes Fifties Ultras 25k loop plus the 3.6 mile "baby" loop to celebrate Karen's birthday.  Thanks Nancy, Maureen, and Karen for a great run!

Wednesday I went out solo and ran down to the Cayuga/Pink Trails and did a double loop of that and back to my house for 23 miles.  There was a tiny smidgen of a twinge in the ole IT Band around mile 21 but it went away and to look on the positive side I guess it's OK if it happens a tiny bit after 40 something miles in two days eh?

Friday I went out to Hammond Hill and planned on 8 miles but ended up doing 10 because I got lost.  Oh well... I did ending up running into a red fox which was really cool.  Boy do I wish I had his speed...whew! he sure did take off when he saw me come flying around the corner!  The up-side of me getting lost was the beautiful scenery and weather and to practice walking some of the uphills and just walking in general...a big component of ultra running.  I got in about 2.5 miles of walking and felt some nausea when I got home...maybe a little dehydrated...again good training.

Today (Sunday) I rode my bike over to the Cayuga/Pink Trails locked my bike up to a tree and did a 7 mile loop and threw in a little walking at the end as well.  I like the biking to and from a run to warm up and cool down...and...another gorgeous day!

This upcoming week is going to be nuts.  If anyone has any advice for me regarding marriage, getting ready for the big day (without flipping out), and just overall stress management techniques they would be greatly appreciated ;0)

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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olga said...

You mean you guys weren't married when you came down? Well, congratulations then!