Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Western States 2009

Many people have blogged extensively about
The Western States 100 Ultramarathon (arguably the most well known, must-do ultra out there) so I am not going to even attempt to put down any sort of analysis or prediction. I will say that I am looking forward to Saturday as I will be spectating via race webcast from the site above. This is like the World Series or Super Bowl of ultrarunning and even well before I ever attempted an ultramarathon I read and heard stories about WS100. In fact, while down in Costa Rica this past winter I was on a long van ride with some other tourists and we got to talking about ultras and one of the women asked me, "have you ever run Western States 100?" Well, needless to say it is on my list and I hope to be toeing the line in the next couple of years. Best wishes to everyone this year as I am sure you all are chomping at the bit right about now. This year seems to be a very stacked field so it'll be very interesting to see how it all unfolds. Go get em y'all!! I'll be cheering you on from New York ;-)

Well...the past ten days for me have been a trip. I am officially a married man and have the paperwork and ring to prove it! I was able to get in 70 miles in five runs last week despite all the wedding planning/detail work and actually it really helped in burning off some of that anticipation anxiety and nervousness.

The weather on our wedding day was...well...let's put it this way...Erica and I are going to have a lot of good luck in our future if the superstition of rain is correct. I had to order a huge tent the day before and being an outdoor wedding many of the things we envisioned happening just didn't take place due to the inclement weather. It was still great though! I can't even articulate the love that I felt around us when having so many friends and family in one spot. Thank you everyone that made our day so special!

Just a few things that come to mind from Saturday: Mike K. (the officiate) did such an amazing job leading the wedding and everyone really dug the 3 minute mindfulness breathing exercise to "be here now" to start off the ceremony. The food...oh my god...the spread was to die many different kinds of food and my fridge is still loaded w/ leftovers...thanks! Jamal dancing on the table to RUN DMC's/Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" and my 92 year old grandma getting out there on the dance floor...Yeah!

As for upcoming races I have decided to sign up for the local Finger Lakes Fifties 50 miler on the fourth of July BUT I may stop at 50k if I feel any complications with my IT band during the race. I really enjoy this event and I know and train on the course often. I may even camp this year...haven't decided yet...but it's surely going to be a good time regardless.

Happy Summer!

Quote of the week: "Running is my meditation, mind flush, cosmic telephone, mood elevator and spiritual communion."---Lorraine Moller


Ultra Chris said...

YES, Yassine - come out and camp at the Fifties! It's a hoot - one of the best parts of the race!

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