Sunday, June 8, 2008

H O T week in Ithaca!

This past week's weather forecast reminded me of when i lived in Orlando,Florida. Not ideal for running and sometimes just downright punishing.

Monday= Rest
Tuesday= 3 miles (2 miles in Cass Park before i lifted weights and 1 mile after)
Wednesday=15.75 miles (7 miles in morning w/ Andrew through rec way trails; 8.75 miles in evening w/ Charlie and his dog Boots through Cayuga and Pink trails.
Thursday= rest
Friday= 9 miles (5 w/High noon group and 4 on my own) through plantation trails and bike path add on
Saturday= 13.25 miles on Connecticut Hill route w/ Michael
Sunday= 13.35 miles w/ Andrew on old railroad bed, Buttermilk and Cass park

Total miles for week= 54.35

This week i will be tapering down just a bit for the 41 miler Saturday June 14th in West Virginia. It looks like a really tough course and I am looking forward to also visiting my sister in Pittsburgh for a couple days. I'm a little nervous about sleeping in the woods in West Virginia on Friday the 13th though!!!!

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