Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tortoise week

Miles for the week= 62

I was hoping for a few more but it just didn't happen. I'm starting to realize that the trail running training is much more time consuming.

Monday= Rest
Tuesday= 2 miles before lifting weights and 2 miles after
Wednesday= 14 miles (double loop of Tortoise n' hare course at Buttermilk Falls plus add-on; first loop w/ John O.)
Thurday= 13.5 miles--Tortoise n' hare course in morning w/ Nancy; 6.5 miles in evening through 6-mile creek gorge w/ Ian.
Friday= 7.5 miles through Cayuga and pink trails
Saturday= race! 3rd place at Tortoise n' hare w/ a time of 44:33; total miles for day= 7 -- *minor injury= rolled ankle on downhill part of course
Sunday= 17 miles; long run through Iroquois Trails 100 course in Virgil's Greek Peak area

Overall I had a decent week besides the mishap w/ my ankle...darn! i told myself i wasn't going to kill myself at Tortoise...easier said than done i guess. Well ice has become my best friend a long time ago and this calls for ibuprofen and rest for the next couple of days!

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Erica said...

That ankle was big and bruised and are the only guy I know who would run part of the 100-mile course the day after spraining an ankle. You are all heart and I love ya.