Sunday, June 22, 2008

Satisfying week

I wasn't quite sure how I would feel after the 41-miler but was amazed how good I felt this past week = good sign.

Miles for week= 70

Last Sunday and Monday= Rest
Tuesday= very easy recovery run down Warren Rd. to Asbury and back- 6 miles
Wednesday= 11 miles with Ian through Buttermilk and Ithaca College trails
Thursday= 11 miles with Sambo through Hammond Hill in afternoon; 3 miles run/walk through Cayuga Trail in evening with Erica
Friday= 19 miles through Fingerlakes National Forest w/ Nancy and Jeffrey- 25K loop and baby loop
Saturday= Rest
Sunday= 21 miles w/ Adam and Tom on Hump Triple course in morning- reverse Hurd to Mt. pleasant and back to Wildflower parking lot for me; 12 miles easy bike to Ithaca Fest at Stewart Park from apt. w/ Erica in evening...whew! i'm taking it easy now!

Being able to recover the way i have been is very comforting. I know i have the endurance so i will tone it down a little this next week before the 50-miler on July 5th. That will be my next long run... and once again unchartered territory!

Saw a great quote today: "There's no way to grow without taking a few risks"

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