Monday, September 8, 2008

Final Push!

Thank you all that have supported me along the way with donations, training, and patience. We're getting closer...less than two weeks away from the big race. I'm trying to make a "Final Push" for the fundraising and Diane Sherrer has helped me out by writing a wonderful column in the Ithaca Journal last Friday...

Congratulations to Brian Thomas ( who finished his first 100-miler over the weekend up in Canada! ! ! ! ! ! !

I had a kind of rough week all the way around and topped it off last night by tip-toeing through briar patches and completely shredding my legs up in the high peaks of Greek Peak. At least there were some juicy black berries available! I'm settling into my taper for the 100 but still had a pretty productive running week.

Miles for the week= 52

Monday= Rest
Tuesday= 7 miles down Warren Rd. and behind airport loop
Wednesday= 7 mile night run with headlamp through plantations and Cayuga trails with Michael W.
Thursday= 1 hour massage in morning; easy 8 mile run through Cayuga and Pink trails in evening
Friday= 6 mile night run with headlamp from downtown, up Remington, Cayuga Heights and up to my apt. on Warren Rd. by myself (midnight-1am)
Saturday= 12.6 mile run on Finger lakes Trail from Satterly Hill to Burdett with Karen G. and Steve R. on Tri-ennial course
Sunday= 11.4 mile run over Greek Peak, Finger Lakes Trail on Iroquois Trails 100 course and roads back to Daisy Hollow with Michael W.

Starting to make the final adjustments and organization needed for the race and letting the body heal. I was able to get into the lake yesterday afternoon for a swim and hopefully getting on the bike this week will help too. I hope everyone had a great summer as the fall season is moving in and the temperatures are dropping. Even through the rough patches of life I have to remember how good I really have it. Trying to keep an attitude of gratitude!

Quote for the week: "Vision + Sacrifice + Patience = SUCCESS" - anonymous

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