Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring is finally upon us!

It's so nice to be running outdoors without having to bundle up in gloves, hats, tights and vests. Discovering some new local trails and lovin' it. I had a good solid week after Highland Forest...miles for week= 60

Tuesday-7.5 miles w/ Tim and Karen on Pink/Cayuga Trails
Wednesday- 9.5 miles (4 in morning at Cass Park...2 before lifting weights and 2 after; 5.5 in evening Cayuga Trail)...
Thursday- 10 miles- Abbot Loop in Danby
Friday- 5 miles w/ Eric at Buttermilk Falls' Larch Meadow Trail (speed work; mile repeats) 1 mile warm up... first mile= 6:10, second mile= 5:45, third mile= mile cool down
Saturday- 12 miles (8 w/ Eric on Cayuga/Pink Trails and 4 by myself at arboretum and Forest Home add on)
Sunday- 16 miles (Sapsucker woods to Cayuga/Pink Trails back to my apt.)

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