Friday, May 2, 2008

Goals for 2008

When the new year started I made a long list of goals that I wanted to strive for. I've already attained a couple of them (Top ten at Disney Half marathon- 8th overall 1:15:06 and a personal record in the marathon distance in Boston by 25 seconds...whew! that was a close one 2:49:05).

Finishing up my degree was another goal so in August I will finish TC3 and transition into a Physcial Education program at SUNY Cortland in the fall.

Also, this fall I will turn 30 years young and I wanted to do something very memorable to start this new decade. I thought about skydiving or climbing some peak or even an Ironman competition. When out on a run with Sherry Golden discussing this topic she said, "Why don't you run the 100-miler that Ian is directing in the fall?" The timing is ideal and regardless if I finish or not it will be something that I will never forget...I'll think of something for my 40th, 50th, etc. along those lines too!

Also, another goal I set early this year was to be "The Western New York Ultra Runner of The Year"... there is a series of events that I can score in and i feel that as long as i stay healthy and consistent this something attainable for me. Check it out at A lot of these races will help me train for the 100 too. So buckle up !!!!... it's going to be a ride !!!!! See you on the trails!


Brian Thomas said...

Holy crap, you are fast. Glad I opted for the Haliburtan 100. :) Seriously though, welcome to the blogosphere. I'm finishing up finals week out here in Michigan and hope to start ramping up training and start thinking more about lupus fundraising.

mary lisa said...

Yassine, thank you - you continue to amaze and inspire me. Good luck in the triathlon this weekend, son!