Thursday, May 15, 2008

Semester done!

Thank god it's over...all in all it was a good semester and i feel that i did very well. It'll be nice to not worry about any least for the next couple of weeks until summer session begins! It's still been great making the transition from running road to trail...

Sunday 5/11- 5 miles on roads to shake out some of the soreness from Thom B. and get home from Scottie's garage after i dropped my car off to be fixed.
Monday 5/12- rest from running; light weight lifting
Tuesday 5/13- ran about 7 miles w/ high noon group (Adam,Eric, Bruce) w/ 2 minute 10k pace intervals.
Wed 5/14- ran the Buttermilk Falls Tortoise n' Hare trail route plus add on= 7 miles
Thurs 5/15- rest/ swam a little
Fri 5/16- easy 4 miles
Saturday- rest up for Highland Forest 30-miler on Sunday -- Should be cool, wet and messy...sounds fun!

1 comment:

Erica said...

Good luck babe on the race tomorrow, you are the only person I know who thinks running in the rain and mud is fun.